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We are Bob and Carrie Roddy, the owners of Roddy Home Inspections. 

Bob is a native of NWA and has been passionate about the home industry for over 30 years.  It began in high school when he worked for a local contractor in the early morning hours before school.  Since that time he has remodeled homes throughout the state and is now serving NWA as a certified home inspector.


Our goal at Roddy Home Inspections is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, non-invasive examination of the home conducted by a licensed home inspector. 

You will receive a detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection.  Your report will come with photos of each item as well thorough details as to why it is a concern. 


Home inspection fees start at $250 for homes up to 1000 sf.  There is a charge of $25 per additional 500 sf.

$250 -- 1000 sf or less 

$275 -- 1001 to 1500 sf

$300 -- 1501 to 2000 sf

$325 -- 2001 to 2500 sf

$350 -- 2501 to 3000 sf

Pricing scale continues in this manner. 


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